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Direction of the of the electronic cigarette industry

Reflections from Mr.Wang–Engineer from DOVPO

Recently, with the rise of the direction of the high-power of electronic cigarette and low resistance in the market, some are with the resistance of 0.1 ohms with 50w, 100w, even 200w. But what make me worried about is how is the feeling of putting a bomb on the mouth.

Now let’s look back the rise of the electronic cigarette:

The first generation of electronic cigarette, the original one looks like a real cigarette, which adopt a buck way to make the battery fully charged 4.2V and keep the output in 3.4V via step-down circuit, and the resistance is 2.5-2.8ohm. This keeps the product with the usage watt in 3-6W. According tome, even this is the simple technology in the original electronic society, but in that age of using easily broken mechanical microphone switch, this keep the electronic cigarette safe for people in a safe stage.

The second generation of electronic cigarette is separated the battery and atomizer into two parts, with using a threaded connection 510 atomizer and battery. In this period, the output voltage is 3.7V, with the same way to make a buck. And the atomizer is similar to the first Generation, with the resistance of 2.2-2.4ohm,the whole power of the product is 5-6W. This is a milestone in the electronic cigarette, which can save many battery as long as replace the battery, you can enjoy the safer electronic cigarette.

The third generation of e cigarette, which is now in largest sales on the market, the EGO Batteries with CE4 type atomizer, includes anebulizer and I put PROTANK classified as such series too.In this pried,electronic cigarette is with a substantial reform in the structure, the atomizer is with 1.6-2.6 ohm. As the battery, it is divided into constant power output and full power output. This make the electronic cigarette with the power of 6-10w. Well, for now, this kind of electronic cigarette is safe at least.With the experience of years in this market, it didn’t hurt people so much eventhough it had the full power output, if you guys think it’s not a big deal of burning the bedding.

Well,now let’s focus on the point of the puzzled Fourth Generation of electronic cigarette. Firstly, I have to say that this Generations has entered a stage of rapid development, a showcase of social personality----the modern electronic cigarette, a purely mechanical electronic cigarette battery. But here I do not judge the mechanical lever comments because I always think it’s a bomb. For me,I will not use it! Unless it’s with increasing of security protection devices.You may heard that the DOVPO Company is producing this stuff, Let’s wait forth is stuffs. Now let’s talk about the program board battery, which is a security protection devices. My first touch is the ITAST series with the voltage adjustable in 3-5V, power conditioning in 3-12W. I think this is are as on able range which is fit for most atomizers in the market. With the resistance of 12W a limited for the cigarette, which is taken into account ofthe security issue of it. Later, within this reasonable range, many company make it into “Development”. Maybe I am a conservative. When seeing the emergence of 30 watts with 0.1-0.2 ohm battery rod, I did not react. When I did not react, the 50watt comes out when the speed of technological innovation. And days later, there is the 70watt, then the 100W, 200W battery.

Now let’s analyze analysis of this era, the electronic cigarette is right or lost:

1, If according to this calculation, electronic cigarette with 30W, and the largest resistance of the atomizer with 3ohm in the market, I did test 3 ohm atomizer, it will be burned when the power transferred to 14-16 watts. As to drip atomizer, if the atomizer with lowest resistance 0.1ohm, it will be 30W as long as the voltageis 1.7V. But this time, the current voltage is 17A, god! Of cause if theprogram board is not limited!.
2, then what about 50W, 70w, 100W that are appeared subsequently? It is for meeting the oilatomizer in the market? even so, we come to think about the situation of the lithium batteries we used now rationally, General lithium batteries are usually in discharge 3c and its discharge current maximum is about 6A. but can the battery really put out so much security do power point  when we really do 50W, 70W, 100W? first we must use very good quality or the Panasonic AW high rate discharge battery,or the products will can not be used because of the too much pressure drop when we use the general battery. in addition to this situation, it will be very dangerous because of the instability of the battery which is caused by the wick discharge for the general battery when we do it more than 50W .and  due to technical constraints of the program board now, for the good quality program board, his performance conversion can be done up to 90%, relatively poor or general effectiveness of the company's plan to convert board can only do 80% or so, we have tocalculate, when I put the power to do 50 watts when the power conversion over a good product is only 50*0.9 = 45 watts, other performance in the heat in the PCB board and housing, that is, the product will be 5 watts fever above, such as the following:
If the conversion efficiency is 90%, occurred in the performance of PCB fever above are:
30W 30 * 0.1 =3W
50W 50 * 0.1 =5W
70W 70 * 0.1 =7W
100W 100 * 0.1= 10W
200W 200 * 0.1= 20W
So if the conversion efficiency is about 80%, occurred in the performance of PCB fever above are:
30 * 0.2 = 6W
50 * 0.2 = 10W
70 * 0.2 = 14W
100 * 0.2 =20W
200 * 0.2 =40W
Look at it, this is a group of mortality data, in general, when make the electronic cigarettes to 10W, the atomizer will be very hot, but when his fever change to the PCB board, and PCB contact with lithium battery, what a horrible event that will be. As giving a person who can back 50 kg a 100 kg weight to his back, then he will be succumbed one day. Then what about the battery? it will occur lithium battery explosion or other dangerous things or something else we do not know. if  electronic cigarette manufacturers should make efforts in this regard,or more than the limit and ignore the blind pursuit of personal security when consumers do not know these things?

We did a test,we developed a 50w board with single cell of battery , doing the test, do 90%performance when pumping 10 times, the temperature of the board reached 92 degrees when we tested it with an infrared temperature device. We are sure it is 92 degrees which can burn you leather skin. then we designed a product which called E-MECH, power 30W, using two batteries in series connectiong and using the way of reduction voltage. so the performance can reach to 98%, then the machine will not heat and exposure to a single battery is only 15W, even so, we do not want to do 50 watts, because 30w is sufficient for the ecig , all things should be in are as on able range,  it should be in the limits of a reasonable operation no matter the pursuit of high-power or the pursuit of high security in the end, we prefer to make more demands on the user experience and security;, if it is more worthy of our reflection for the pursuing of high-power, low-resistance range? after all, life is the firstone.

So finally, we call, for our personal safety, first selection of the electronic cigarette should be the quality, and better to select a series connextion electronic cigarettes if we have a preference for high-power, and donot exceed 30W for one battery.

Life isprecious, stay away from the high-power, not to put a bomb in your mouth, bangbang bang!

From Mr.Wang,the engineer from DOVPO