• What Are DNA Mods and Squonk Mods?

      The vape industry is taking us by storm with the introduction of the DNA mods and Squonk mods. The DNA mods are in the category of the special vape mod family, and Squonk mods are also a big thing among vapers. What Are DNA Mods?     A DNA mod can be simply described as the mod that harnesses ...
  • How to Fix Vape Tank Leaking

        Your vape device may suffer leakage at some point, and this can get you really frustrated about it. But when you know how to fix vape tank leaking, you’ll have the full satisfaction that you crave. You really should not worry over odd bit of vape juice, as its normal, but when your tank is ob...
  • Vape Pod vs. Vape Mod

        The vaping world can sometimes get you confused with several different terminologies that probably mean the same. You may have come across vape pods and vape mods and are not sure of what they mean exactly when it comes to vaping.   Whether you are a starter or a legendary vaper and the optio...

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